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Free Society

by Monk

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Before I explain the meaning behind the album, I want to explain why all the money it makes is going straight to Yorkhill. In "Financial Climate" I talked about how much money influences us, how we can physically do what we want, but money holds us back. Well that's true. We could physically treat anyone, keep their mind off what's happening etc... But we can't due to how much money corrupts us. I don't like that, I think if a child's in a hospital bed, they should at least have something to take their mind off it. That's what the money will hopefully go towards and I really hope it does at least some good.

This album is my interpretation of the phrase "Free Society". Where some people accept that we're free with no questioning, I go through the hypocrisy surrounding the phrase and go in-depth, while explaining that hypocrisy.

The main 3 problems with the word "free" are money, authority and surveillance. And I show all the contradictions that are present in those 3 parts of society.


released May 3, 2013

ToZu for all the beats. Kamihamiha for the mixing and mastering, as well as providing a verse on the EP. Steve ET for providing a verse, Robert McMenemy for the cover art and DJ Scuba Steve for helping promote the release!



all rights reserved


Monk Fife, UK


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Track Name: Free Society (Prod. ToZu)
[Verse 1]
Look at this hypocrisy, try not to let it bother yi
with people constantly calling you, and not a hint of honesty
We're told we live free, nah, a cany see it
When a help make political choices is when a believe it
We voted against the tories, they got in power anyway
That defeats the point of the entire fucking voting day
What's the point? We hold no signifigance
corruption caused recession and the dodgy cunts admitted it
We continue listening, cos ignorance and bliss
and at the very best things can never get worse than it is
But we're simple, we try to live the easy life
We conform to norms, irregardless of if it's wrong or right
We need to stand and fight, we diny really have a choice
They won't ever liste, if we never show we have a voice
Long as we stay quiet, you best believe they'll keep us caged
they try to act all nice until the power shows an ugly face.

We live in a free society, you can do this, you can do that
You can do a lot of things, but there's a lot that you can
This is just an illusion, it's not actually for real
but folk choose to accept it, it seems like a fair deal
We live in a free society, you can do this, you can do that
you can do a lot of things, but only if you have cash
this is just an illusion, it's not actually for real
but folk choose to accept it, it seems like a fair deal

[Verse 2]
The door is locked, we're caught up in a padded cell
We all think we're free, but "reality" is in a magic spell
This population now exists inside a living hell
the scary thing is, is that most of us think it's class as well
We'll buy a lot of shit we don't need, to fuel greed
Of money-hungry fuckers riding their steeds, so take heed
All the money does is instigate the troubles we're having
We're walking on the same path and can't escape what just happened
And we just blindly follow, cos we're living better than others
And we avoid one another, because we're ignorant fuckers
And we just don't care, unless it happens to us
Then it's a shock and a fuss, like being smacked in the puss
But if it doesn't, then we'll carry on our merry way
and blank out all the troubles that'll happen in the passing days
We'll take a chance to all look moral with a sob story
But when in reality, being moral's just a fucking hobby
Track Name: Financial Climate Ft. Steve ET (Prod. ToZu)
[Verse 1]
Exactly in what universe is this a free society
Bankers causin financial ruin in turn causes anxiety
we're forced t pay money for the bare essentials
With very little money that's a little neglectful
food water and heat, has all to be paid for
entertainment as well, but that's to be ignored
According to the government, we can live off 55 a week
Apparently that's all we need, so we can say bye bye to hea
cos we still need to drink and eat and also pay rent every week
while they can afford, to use champagne to wash their feet
they're laughin at us as we speak, the bunch of fucking wealthy geeks
they're makin more cutbacks, so the future's look very bleak
you lot follow on like sheep, use your voice and don't be weak
stop being followers and wake up out your heavy sleep
You can sit at home and weap or come and join us in the street
and after we're finished, we can celebrate our nifty feat.

[Hook x2]
Money's a limit, we need to change the way we're spending it
You're wasting it by getting wrecked on a big % of your benefits
I know we hate the thought of change, but we have to try it
As long as we're stuck up, caged into this financial climate

[Verse 2]
Money is a problem, it limits our society, we're trying tae
Be the best we can, by conforming silently
We need to jump ship, if we want to change shit
Cos right now, all we are is p awns on a slave ship
But we can change this, be the race we wanty be
Humans, who never have to worry bout the salary
We're patiently waiting, staring hate in the face
and evading every single fucking twisted up thing that he says
and we can carry on being happy, wi no limits
and we can carry on pushing forward, wi no gimmicks
And we can, live the life that we've all wanted from the start eh time
And learn all we can about unshackling a mastermind
Cos we've been held back, cos of all the "lack eh funds"
But we can run, sactuaries for governments to shoot their guns
So never tell me that the government is lacking cash
cos I know for a fact that lack eh progress is a masterplan

[Hook x2]
Track Name: Law & Order (Prod. ToZu)
[Verse 1]
Lets be honest, law's tipped against the lower class
You need to always read a bunch eh books to even stand a chance
There's always protests, we're trying hard to make demands
But they never change shit, the government has bigger plans
Make the rich, richer, make the poor poorer
It seems that every single law that's turned's there to screw us over
Seems that if you need to be a paedo then you're off free
But if you steal some money from a bank, then you're offsky
Check priorities, they're a wee bit muddled up
And we're only relevant every 4 years like the world cup
the only reason they're in power's cos they're flukey cunts
But now we have fundamental evidence they fucked it up
I went off topic, time to bring it back a bit
The whole entire British Justice System is a sack eh shit
Laws can always change, just to help them boost the profits
Cos you won't succeed in life, if you insist on being honest

[Hook x 2]
They say we're free, but they're legally controlling us
I call it Law and Order x3
If they diny have a reason then they'll make it up
I call it Law and Order x3

[Verse 2]
Born skint and you'll never have a way in life
unless you're getting lucky, then you'll maybe see a better side
But if you don't, then you're hammered in a life of crime
And chances are, You'll eventually be serving time
It's just a way of life for some, they accept it
Cos every other portion of their life, they've been rejected
alwyas skint, cos the family's neglected
So the fact that you're expecting them to live's quite pathetic
Just have a think, how would you feel in that situation?
It is quite amazing, that you'd much prefer to act abrasive
than help another person, they're now just a patient
to the system that was set up in order for them to cage 'em
We all brush it off, say they all deserve it
When there's people getting charged with certain laws we havny heard eh
We need some insight so we can have a real opinion
We're all being punished, while corporations make a killing

[Hook x2]
Track Name: All Eyes on Us (Prod. ToZu)
[Verse 1]
Killing freedom, cause oppression just to keep control
Peep the zone, that we can walk alone in our fucking homes
Britain, the most surveyed nation on the planet
Cheers for the helping hand but I think we can manage
You've barely caught a fucking criminal so why the increase
All you do is spy on people who are living in peace
You wanty try and help the people? Do your job
Keep us in poverty... folk are gony rob
They're just trying to provide for the folk you never
Don't be making primises you know you can't deliver
You're supposed to be the folk that we can always trust
you make it worse by adding to the ways your pigs are watching us
Then you wonder why we protest and question yae
Bottled up frustrations are always gony get the best eh me
You seem to be showing a large increase in lethargy
best re-think your theories all your sick plans are in jeapordy

[Hook x2]
We're lacking privacy so they can choose to keep on watching
But no one knows so it's impossible for us to stop them
All of us in this democracy rely on trust
But we never get it back they've got all eyes on us

[Verse 2]
The big man's watching, sattelites they've always got them
ready to be spying on the people who don't see a problem
GPS systems tracking on mobile phones
giving them a clear cut vision of places people go
I don't many folk are gony be surprised
I just do my best to show the masses of their watchful eye
We allow the shit, they just take advantage
of the gullibility, we're innocent and being savaged
with chips and implants, visuals are enhanced
Giving them an open road to follow with their sick plans
The bad thing is, some of'll fight for it
assuming it's a good thing, something we'd all like to get
We don't look ahead to see the problems rising
we just sit back, , ignore the troubles, shut our eyelids
You wanty keep the peace and brush me off as paranoid
Then you're the main culprit, cos freedom now is null and void

[Hook x2]
Track Name: Real Eyes Ft. Kamihamiha (Prod. ToZu)
[Verse 1]
They try and limit us, with stupid laws they're giving us
They should be giving up, because the public now have had enough
We refuse to be the cowards, now just sitting back
Giving them a pass to our bodies just when they fucking ask
Nah am passed it, You better be acting fast bitch
You've had it, your authoritie's now buried in a trash pitt
think we're gonna trust you now we know just what you're up to?
Think again, you fucking piece of shit, we don't need yi fuck you
Getting bonuses for tickets that you give out
you profit from a bust, so you're staking-out, just to pig out
So your job is now making money fae mysers,
you fucking pigs sicken me, you're who we're s'posed to be listenin tae
How can we trust you? You're the criminals you should be chasing
now you're face safing, need safe havens for fake payments
and you wanna run around and act like you're the hero
Well guess what, we're all in a matrix, call me fucking Neo

So Scotland stand up out this hole it could be glorious
Real eyes realise real lies
Ignore the insubordinate, they only aim to bury us
Real eyes realise real lies
They staged a revolution to make terrorism streetwise
Real eyes realise real lies,
There's pepper spray at Occupy, but Iceland was never televised
Real eyes realise real lies,