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This mixtape doesn't really have a set concept, but the title of the mixtape fits in with what I've done. The word Fanfaronade means to brag and what I've done with the mixtape is attempted different styles and attempted to show that I can do more than one style. I done bragging Hip Hop tracks, Socially conscious Hip Hop, a little bit of grime and 1 slightly Horrorcore track.

I realise the first mixtape will never be my best work, but I didn't want to be confined to one style. I liked the thought of experimenting to see what I liked the sound of best, how much I enjoyed writing the different styles and I think what I've come up with works well.

Oh and for feedback, try and hold back on criticism for the mixing and mastering side lol I'm not a producer, I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing in that area, I'm just working with what I have. Feel free to give me tips though haha


released August 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Monk Fife, UK


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Track Name: Common Citizen (Prod. Lion'N'Prime)
take a step back, look at what life has become
you're on the right path, but don't you ever dare return
you're not wanted, I want your anger to vanish
you've had it, am in a major state of anguish
ma brain is damaged, diny start shit
A cany be arsed wae it, am passed it
and to be honest am surprised a even fucking lasted
Your brain's corrupted, there's venom flowing through your veins
looking tame, but on the inside, there's nothing but hate
you project violence to unsuspecting passers by
All that just to prove to strangers you're the hardest guy
You're full of dumb and unnessecary hatred
casued by ignorance, your education's barely basic
You're a dumb, ignorant cunt, you need to face it
accept the fact - embrace it, don't deny and erase it
You think you're cool cause you smoke weed and take pills
and you left school with no grades and no credible skills
A lack of proper friends is leaving your brain in a muddle
you're in trouble, cos there's no one there to help you in a struggle
Follow the leader is the way you're passing through your life
it's not nice to just follow on with what everyone likes
you run around shouting fuck the police, fuck the system
but if both were just to disappear you'd be the first to miss them
You're born arrogant, thinking you appeal to folk
when really you were born with less seax appeal than catholic jokes
You've got a reputation for repitiion and it's a mission
to explain your constant expiditions, into your conviction
The cure is simple - take heed of your hypocricism
have a look back and admit that you made a wrong descision
the plot'll thicken, your brain is shifting into position
common sense is missing, you need to listen
the clock is ticking, this is where you're finishing your life is dimishing,
but here on earth you're nothing but a common citizen
Track Name: Feelings (Animal Rap Remix)
[verse 1]
I don't know what to think anymore, av tried the lot
Am sick of having past times that av forgot,
but others have not, the shit they say hits a soft spot
They're good to bring up the bad times so it never stops
Through your whole life, there's always bad memories
Could last a few years, but the bad ones last centuries
They stay embedded in your mind once you pass away
in another life, they continue to stay, they never fray
You tuck all the feelings into your subconscious
So you never know when you're truly sad, so you need to wonder
What the fuck am I doing here?
suicide's truly the final way for anybody to conquer fear
Of course, I'm just a fear ful guy, trying to get through life
Playing fife finger fillet with a butcher knife
I'm willing to take the chance cos a like to gamble
Plus the pain is just another thing in life to handle

[verse 2]
Israeli's and Palestinians are willingly killing women
While obliterating children in buildings,
Going against the very grain of their religion
I'm sickened, it's sickening thinking of the sick shit, they're living in
this ain't past tense, believe me, the're still sufferin
Everyday they witness the aftermaths of murdering
Then you wanty say you're living in a ghetto
fuck you, you're faker than the son of geppeto
you're thinking you're mental, cos u can fight wae a peice eh sharp metal
you're looknig unsettled cos in a real warzone you're unhelpful
yir an ersehole, and everybody knows that you're gentle
so take down your daft hood and take back your knife rental
You're humiliating yourself, stop acting tough
Cos if you need to act, then you're obviously not hard enough
real hardmen never need to brag a bit
it's only wee skinny neds that need to go and blabber shit
So what you braggin for, ok perhaps you need the rep
Cos education's gony be much harder than deceiving feds
don't follow dappy cos you'll definately have regrets
i hope your god allows you to repent until the bitter end
Track Name: Happiness (Prod. Bunty Beats)
[verse 1]
I hope you're happy, I never wish upon you sadness
I realise a lot I done to you was very heartless
I know your thankless, and I don't blame you a single bit
I was a prick and I know I put you through a lot of shit
I just thought I'd take a chance to apoligise for that
a nd here's a fact, I really wish that we could still interact
and I know it'll never happen,
but here's my only chance to stand up and take some action
I know you won't forgive me, I really don't expect you to
But I just hope you know, that half the shit that you were told is untrue
Dno how you got to your conclusion I know it's wrong
I'm trying my best to let it go, it's hard moving on
To get writing, I'm leaving my heart open
you thought I'd keep ma feelings locked up? That's a silly notion
There may be a hint of nastiness
but a still hope to God that all you're feeling is happiness
[verse 2]
Ma heart's pounding, am telling you a can feel it
I never normally let myself fall to these types of feelings
this tradgedy's backing me back on the course of ma rhapsody
am practically practising passably a do it factually
and actually a was left as a casuality
you dropped me hard, leaving behind a drop in ma sanity
You started hating, based on a flawed fallacy
and now you're sitting back laughing at sadness happily
just like old times, we argued quite frequently
But the longest out of contact was a week MAYBE
The weird things is, when you left there was no argument
it's almost as if you disappeared by a pure accident
it's fucking frustrating as there was no motivation
am patiently waiting on an information filled explanation
The question is will a ever get it? Am doubting it.
And if a do it'll be followed by mates all spouting shit
Track Name: Hello Ft. Aye Mack (Prod. RATSON)
Hello, how you doin, am a new rapper you're viewing
Am debuting am moving forward and boosting ma music
Every track's an improvement, you're shit like a bowel movement
and every single fuckin remark you make is imprudent
offer help al refuse it, send a good beat, all abuse it
and if you hink you'll drop a bomb, then a hink al defuse it
get a concept, al reuse it, hate big words - they're confusing
and any good metaphor I write, I bet you'll misconstrue it

[Verse 1]
Ok, before I start, I'm gony have to state a fact
I'm no actually fat, I'm just really good at hiding ma 6 pac
You're nothing but extra baggage,
I'm tempted to slap your face with a bag eh cabbage
until I do considerable damage
You reckon av nae bars, mate I've got plenty
but you're more confused than a bicurious crossdresser on eckies
Mate, your brain is empty, your rhymes are never deadly
but am always ready to drop a crackin verse cause av got a medley
Not once in my life have I had trouble writing rhymes
I sit down for a second and a shit load comes to mind
It'svery easy when you've got the brains to write a rhyme
Cause all the lyrics in the mainstream -they're a total crime
I'm not jealous of fame, am just realistic
Cause all the mainstream lyricists are simplistic
Getting paid millions to sell tracks to dipshits
then people sit and wonder why a seem pessimistic
Track Name: Torture Chamber (Prod. ToZu)
[Verse 1]
Darkness fills the room, no sight possible
compard to the shit av planned, that's a minor obstacle
A can tell, by your breathing, that your petrified
Praying on the inside of your mind, that you stay alive
I dan closer, you get nervous and start screaming
Tears streaming down your face, caused by no true meaning
You say I'm horrible, you need a miracle
Things are about to ensue, they're not curable
forget violence, am fucking up your mindstate
violence is only one of the steps that I take
I get into your brains and start corroding it
carry on damaging thoughts until am owning it
Oh btw, I'm Monk, it's very nice to meet you
Apparently you're a cock, hense why you're here, sir
You cheated on your wife, that's why you parted
So now that we're acquainted, lets get started

[Chorus x2]
Wellcome in, please be seated, you'll be treated well
Only 8 dead this week, but you'd never tell
Before long, you'll be praying for a saviour
we aim to please the best, welcome to the torture chamber

[Verse 2]
I release one hand and you swing at me repeatedly
missing me every chance, gettin tired exceedingly
I strap your hand down to a large metal block
and proceed to puncture each finger quite a lot
you rather angrily start screaming in agony
but ma strategy is cause to cause a random tragedy
a savagely damag yi, part eh me, wants to be stabbin yi
but ma morality, actively, starts to be calming me
A take it down a notch, giving you a little break
Allowing you time to compose, before ma second take
When a return, you'll be begging that a kill you quick
I'll leave you just enough time, so you can question it
The more you think, the more aggetated your brain gets
it makes sense, so now that you're petrified, it takes less
Pain's now unneeded, cause, your brain's been defeated
It's gonna get real fun that the plan's been completed

[Chorus x2]
Wellcome in, please be seated, you'll be treated well
Only 8 dead this week, but you'd never tell
Before long, you'll be praying for a saviour
we aim to please the best, welcome to the torture chamber

[verse 3]
Your brain's melted like a bin in a major park
played your part n' knew from the begining I would make a mark
I've done what I needed to, don't mention how I've treated you
Cause now that am all done your thoughts are exceeding you
You'll never ever live life the same way again
never get peace, cause the memories will never end
You''l lie in bed, deal with nightmares frequently
hallucinations are meaning demons, keep meetin yae
what's it like to have to flinch at every sudden noise?
Anti-social cos you're now scared of every fucker's voice?
It never stops, if anything it gets worse
At least I'm not the mafia, weren't scared with a dead horse
Then again, My technique was a cruel way
with a dead horse, you're over shock in a few days
With my appointment, you're shattered for life
I'm gonna leave you for now, but hope you have a good night
Track Name: Tryout
Al start off deep man, you're brainless
only wanty battle me, cause you'll die painless
am not intimidated mate, you're the tamest
the only time you ever face off is wi a facelift
actin as ifyou're the bravest
only reason you're still alive is cause you're nameless
claim you're hip hop and don't even know the basics
Call me human censorship, I'll leave you faceless
face it mate, you know am the best
rules have been kept, so al gain all the rep
wanty moan on the net, then you'll die with the rest
you deny am the best? set me a test BITCH
A guarantee that al pass it
And a bet you shite mc's can't match it
Cos a spit ma flows with a passion
You spit flows cos u wanty buy a masion
Am no in it for the cash
Am in it for the fun, for the love of the bars
I've never once claimed a wanty be a star
Don't give a fuck about diamond rings or a car
But am here for the long stay
Cah deny the fact that am the best, anyday
strap in and listen to the shit a say
My name's Monk, get the fuck out the way
Track Name: Soundtrack to the Struggle Dub Ft. Subkonsious
People like to latch onto shit that they're taught to like
they all prefer to stay in the dark, they never walk to light
Never questioning shit out of their authority
never like to know the truth, they never question morally
Is the war a good thing? Probably
The government are for it, so it's obviously gotta be
Aye of course, cos the government would never lie
they've never ever severed ties, with leaders who were better guys
here's a little shock surprise, for your wary eyes
the guy who tries to reach the sky's the guy who always has to die
Just have a look back on history to prove me right
Every revolutionary's always had their head on sight
From JFK all the way to malcom X
And yet George Bush and Tony Blair continue drawing breath
So where the fuck's this Karma shit that you cling to?
All we've got in life is a truthful chorus to sing to

guess who's back its subkonsious on the map
move over in the past gettin jacked up on a track
told you no turning back when im spittin on a track
iv turned into a demon now im trapped in rap
your government they spread fear and tell lies
open up your eyes they sit and get rich as sick children die
i'll devise the demise of the authorities
with their phony policies they treat us like minorities
they need to get a fuckin grip of their priorities
we didnt want dictatorship we voted for democracy
people with the power
system needs to change sick of livin with atrocity
we'll never live in quality due to government dishonesty
you need to open your eyes and witness the ferocity
governemnts lies just stirred the nations animosity
we need to stand and fight they blaming us for the economy?
Track Name: Think About It (Down Dub)
[verse 1]
You say you hate the Government, you claim Illuminati
Then you sit and listen to lil Wayne and Gwen Stefani
How fuckin stupid are yae, what you don't see the problem?
You were passed by the bandwagon, so you thought you'd hop on?
You take in bollocks, spouted by the likes of big Alex Jones
And think prison planet's the only way that shit can be known
That ain't true, many more sources that are credible
So showing the ignorance you are, is nothing short of incredible
Meaning you're susceptible to the propaganda you're bashing
which makes you the main cause of anarchy being fashion
You know it ain't heartfelt, it's just a trend you follow
It's going down easy, like that buckfast that you swallow
Now I ain't saying all conspiracies are bollocks
but you need to stop watching figures and use knowledge.
If your theory's truly valid, then I'm sure that you could prove them
but right now, I'll read shit and form my own conclusion
Is that cool wae you? You won't try and "bash me"
call me a sheep, thinking I'm some sort of tradgedy?
Well I'm not the one who thinks the Queen's a fuckin lizard
Here's some insight, david icke's pullin your pisser
He's making more cash than you could ever dream of
And once he think he's got enough control then he'll be off
See he's no different than the government you claim to hate
his claims are fake, the points you take, are helping traits to seal your fate

[verse 2]
You see a symbol, and automatically think it's "them"
And if anyone ever proves you wrong, then it's "them" again
You can never admit the fact that you were slightly wrong
Cos you'll be quite ashamed, like a gangster wi a nighty on
I don't believe the Illuminati the faintest bit
Cos I get down to the naked truth, like a naturist
You obviously just believe whatever easiest
And I can't quite grasp the fact that you don't even see it's pish
The fact that yu believe all this shit is embarrasing
for anyone who questions authority, it is saddening
Cos you're making every single one of us look bad
you need to learn a bit about common sense and be shook hard
See I used to think all this shit was realistic
just assumed if there was no evidence, I had missed it
Now that's the point your brain gets to with conspiracy
But I guess the main problem is your ignorance with history
Track Name: All Falls Down Dub
[verse 1]
You reach a nice place and then you fall down
You feel about as useless as a king with a false crown
Well it's on now, cos the top's found
And a can reach the top quite easily with the know how
You'll never catch me mate I'm flying away
And I've got a new incentive, I ain't trying to stay
Mediocre in this life, A wanty beat you in the fight
And you know the words are useless in your notepad when a write
You may be happy being average when you pen a verse
Don't be an erse, youll always be a no one cos your bars are scarce
And am never scared, you better come prepared
To face me at ma best, cos at ma best you will be getting teared
And am no joking mate, Cos a can tell you're talking fake
and Acting great, then you've got no excuses, cos a told you straight
I think we know there's no way that you can match ma skill
But if you ever wanty test ma statement, you can fire at will

[verse 2]
Am gony kill you every chance that a get
Spitting lyrics in your viscinity, killing you dead
brush your verse off, 'til it's taken effect, you're as fake as it gets
you're even low enough to fake your own rep
You need to start making amends, making some sense
in at least the majority of that shit that you pen
you're bullshit, should be stopped from rapping again
you ain't even got fans, you've got generous friends
you try and make cash aff every track that you make
lacking a brain, trying too hard to gain all the fame
you're writing the same... shit that you write every day
Then you sit and and wonder why you never get played
Al tell you why, it's cause you fail to be original
all your shit's predictable, your songs are unoriginal
your pish is inadmissable, and that just ain't forgiveable
you'll NEVER be a rapper, just spittin' your single syllables

[verse 3]
All you little cunts do is hate when am on a beat
But you can't afford action, so you talk cause talk is cheap
I will never follow the crowd, I'm a trend setter
Gimme 40 seconds and a bet a make your album better
Am already the best and am about to prove
that lyrics are ma life and that's one thing a can't afford to lose
You're a dick, a hope you're drapped on your head again
so you've got less brain cells than the union from the repo men
I spit lots like some overamped salivation
And I come with fire like a big dragon masturbating
my rhyme book could knock you out like a right hook
giving you closer look into the time my rhymes took
Al leave your life spooked, chills up and down your spine
Sneak into your house at night to tell you that your souls is mine
have some advice, never step up to the damager
cos you've been really shit since the advent of the calender
Track Name: No Excuses Ft. Jailz (Prod. ToZu)
[verse 1]
Brains at secondary, were never a mighty concern
Never gave any teachers, quite the respect they deserved
I was always a lazy shit, with no prospects
education fell through, like money in broken pockets
I dodged questions like a good politician,
no need to be listenin, to the fuckin pish they were drizzlin
got sick of their mission, never believed the shit a was given
And finally was put under permanent supervision
That was the easy life, slacking off, easy times
Allowed a spare hour to sleep, even when am feeling fine
I used to use any trick, to get out of class
sore heed, nose bleed, excuses got me thinking hard
And that was only on the days I attended
With all the shit, the lowest grade I got was my attendance
So go ahead n say education is the way to go
I didn't do shit and still came away, just as good as most

[chorus x2]
I was a dumb cunt like you but a learnt ma lesson
Done ma own studies and found self expression
Once you start to learn shit, you stress level reduces
And if a can learn shit, then you've got no excuses

[verse 2]
A realised my ignorance and started reading up on shit
trying to come to the best perspective when a read upon it
This was a real education, something relevant
Not simply knowledge that would only ever fuckin benefit
The education system, the cunts who never listen
or help with the majority, who struggle with their wisdom
most teachers are driven, purely on a paycheck
so if a child struggles with a question? they're left
It's easier to overlook, thance teach the kid to read a book
even though, you know you should, the kid's now fucked and there's your proof
And since you never helped them out, the kid now knows they're overlooked
they get into a shitty mood and never learn how to be good
realistically, that all should be stuck up in your conscience
Cause you know the shit you pulled was utter fuckin nonsense
Call yourself a teacher? You're all a bunch of muff divers
the only professionals getting paid less than a bus driver

[chorus x2]
I was a dumb cunt like you but a learnt ma lesson
Done ma own studies and found self expression
Once you start to learn shit, you stress level reduces
And if a can learn shit, then you've got no excuses


[chorus x2]
I was a dumb cunt like you but a learnt ma lesson
Done ma own studies and found self expression
Once you start to learn shit, you stress level reduces
And if a can learn shit, then you've got no excuses