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Fanfaronade 2

by Monk

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This is the second installment of the Fanfaronade set. Just like the last one, a selection of sub-genres, styles and concepts in order to prove I can do more than one thing.

Whether there'll be a 3rd one or not, I'm not sure... May as well pick this up while it's new.

Hope you enjoy it.


released September 24, 2013

ToZu productions for instrumentals as always.
M-Deuce for the "Let Off Steam" instrumental, as well as mixing and mastering that track.
KoreX Beats for the beat for "Would I"
Paul Scott, Zee, Soulstice & The Ightis for providing guest verses.
DJ Scuba Steve for helping promote the release, as well as providing a beat for "Bars For Days"
And Robert McMenemy for the covert art as always.



all rights reserved


Monk Fife, UK


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Track Name: Forgive Me (Prod. Jared F)
[Verse 1]
Am constantly stuck in a state of depression, the pain, it is endless,
They gimme pills to kill the pain, but they're ineffective
So a sit clamped, don't know what the fuck to do
About ma life and how it got to the point that it's gotten to
People think cos am smiling am a happy guy
Oh am just happy-go-lucky until you pass me by
Then a frown recovers my face and I'm not surprised
That I always see myself dying under the greying skies
I don't care about a positive outlook
Cos I have nothing positive in my life to look out to
I've got music, oh great, a can shout a bit
Except no fucker ever listens anytime I spit some shit
I don't rap about dancing and prancing about In fancy cars
And having a laugh, with all the slaggy tarts
Perhaps a should, shit my views would double quick
Nah fuck that, I promise I will never be a sell out bitch

[Verse 2]
So I've to be sorry for being different?
Originality's a society sin, is it?
Well fuck you all, I will gladly be an outcast
To a system that demands that I've always gotta act hard
To fit in, I've to brag about posessions?
I'm abnormal without any celebrity obsessions?
Well that's fine, you can treat me how you wantae
But I'll never jump up, whenever it is you want me to
You can call me sick, cos I'm against illegal wars
Innocent humans all dying without a worthy cause
I don't use words that you lot sometimes attribute
To people that you force yourself to judge with stinking attitutes
But of course, I'm the one with the sick mind
Cos I laugh at offensive circumstances with a punchline
Nah you're right, I'll fuck off, so you can live free
Apologies for being different, please forgive me

[Verse 3]
I don't like religion, it's immoral to me
Hanging people cos they're gay, that is bollocks to me
In the same breath, there's paedophiles worshipped
Violence then erupts the minute criticism sufraced
Now a get branded with the stupid term "racist"
When a care more about your race than you do, face it
I supported kids from Africa to Pakistan
You gave up food, to please your fucking God at Ramadan
So who done more for your race, mate, tell me
I give as much cash as I can, I ain't wealthy
A few quid here and there, it all adds up
And you gave fuck all, stuck up cunt
So now you wanty put me down you're a hypocrite.
Stop pretending it's the race I hate, fuckin sick eh it
It's religion am against, nothing more than that
So stop the shit from falling out your mouth, try check the facts
Track Name: Stained (Prod. JoBoX)
[Verse 1]
I can see you're scared, even though you won't admit it
Your opinion's missin, when it's most important, you can fix it
But you'd much prefer to sit back on the sidelines
Let everyone else sort out your troubles when it's fight time
You'll put on a brave face, claim you don't portray hate
Then you'll start off by crushing someone's feelings on the same day
Call them a fag and you can sit with mates and brag and
If they ever call you on your shit then you can now attack
And then you'll feel better, cos you can prove your masculinity
You'll be walking round and acting like you are the holy trinity
Your arrogance surpasses all your good and now it sickens me
That you can hold your head up and still claim that you have dignity
I know you don't and so does everyone you're bothering
So how about you kill yourself, just as a peaceful offering
You can die and then you're claimed to be a nice guy
And no one bats and eyelid, cos they're happy that you just died

[Verse 2]
I'm no much different and I know I have an ugly side
But I will never hurt another human cos a have ma pride
I know that's something you don't have, but being nice is no that bad
And you can change your life around, just think of times that you can have
Drop the shit, stop relying on your hard act
Cos no one really gives a single shit how hard you are man
You're only acting hard to make up for the shit you cany grasp
And don't you try denying it, cos what av said is purely fact
You lack intelligence, you don't know what's wrong and right
So you'll never know what it's like to have a full and hopeful life
Your friends won't last long, then you'll see life isn't nice
Then you will feel the pain like being punctured with a blunted knife
You'll feel what they felt, all alone with nae health
And just like all your victims, you will be receivin nae help
Regret is powerful, You're gonnae know that soon enough
Unless you change your mindset and decide you're gony loosen up
Track Name: I Don't (Prod. ToZu)
[Hook x2]
I don't care about the money I make
And I don't care if people call me a fake
I don't care about the lies that you spray
or at the vague attempts of crap that you say
I don't wanna be famous at the end of the day

[Verse 1]
People think cos I rap that I think I'm eminem
start making sense, so I don't need to explain to them again
Marshall ain't the only cunt that's ever held a pen
Then again, your brains tied down, it's involved in S&M
I can't rap cos I'm scottish, you should think twice
If geography's deciding who can rap, that's a shit life
I can spit fire, just as hot as anyone
And if you disagree with that fact, then you're heavy dumb
Not once have I ever claimed I'm gony make it big
A carry on writing bars, even though am takin stick
Other people writing garbage that they're making up
I'm small but a make a big impact like a paper cut
I like to write about my life and how I live it
but Unlike you at least I've got a life a can exhibit
Don't ever say I'm shit, I'm not the one making pop
If writing lyrics isny that hard, why don't you take a shot?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Am always judged cos eh music that a like to make
Think I'm gony talk about bitches, because they're pushing fakes
You mean to tell me now that, that is really all it takes
to make a few quid, your business is fucking easy mate
That's why I'd rather write lyrics and try and keep it real
Instead of trying to suck satan's dick so you can cut a deal
I only really wanty make music, that I can really feel
You only make music, so you can get a fucking meal
That's the difference, I'm me, you're a fake fuck
who claims to take drugs, make love, fucking 8 sluts
now wit? you've got lies, but you ain't got a life
you're fabricated, like an over hyped Jerry Springer fight
So tell me, are you proud of what you accomplished?
You smoke a whole shit ton of weed, but you're malnourished
And I'll flourish, you'll be nothing in a couple years
And I'll be steady climbing the ladder, reaching new tiers

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
You can't remaster a classic and make it happen
When you're changing all the time, it's fantastic, you cany mask it
but, old school is always on top, whether you like it or not
It's classic, it'll always out-do modern pop
Lyrical talent is always a force to reckon wae, I'm wrecking yae
why don't you try jump on the mic and step to me
You cany mate, so diny front, you're nothing but a useless cunt
kissing other artists arse, so you can find a fist to pump
I touched a rapper, i'm a rapper now, that's how it works
I never need to write a verse, record a song, no put in work
I can sit back, glance at all the other cunts
who slave away for hours a day don't make a buck, not even one
And I can take credit for being talented
write a verse, not master it, spit shit for all the cameras
All ma cool friends are gony say that am just marvellous
then I can form a crew and claim nobody can handle us!
Nope, that's now how it works, take some notes
You work a fucking week per day until you form a fucking flow
Then you can brag, but just a little bit
cos honestly, chances are the bars you write, are just as shit
Feel free to comeback, but be in beast mode,
But study all ma lyrics and make sure that you can read slow
You can backchat, watch me quickly get rid eh ya
you're owned by corporations like the chemicals in syria
Track Name: False Sense of Freedom Ft. Paul Scott (Prod. Charlie Mac)
[Verse 1: Paul Scott]
I once felt patriotic for my country...
Now I feel like screaming rape, cause they fucked me!
You must be, out of your damn mind to trust these,
Politicians that's got us living with in this dump here
Junkies, fill the fucking streets, begging for change
And whats strange is these days, I beg for the same
I can't speak without the fear of being arrested again,
They call it breach of the peace... I call it freedom of speech!
I preach my belief's on deaf ears, nobody hears...
So over the years, my mind state has just disappeared
And the thing is, everyone's in this predicament,
Everybody with their ears to this shit is living it...
A False Sense Of Freedom is what we feel but really it's imprisonment,
If you don't see that then seek an opticians and go and visit it
You've been blinded by the lies, like some idiot!
A sheep following the herd cause you heard the others did...
And as the rich get richer, the poor die starving...
More pigs now than ever like the gov's tried farming!
This is all in preparation for when the riots are starting
Cause they know that there's been people out there dying to rise up
And put an end to the misery, the fire they've started,
Will turn into some bonfire type of shit like arson
And burn this country to the ground that you're proud to stand in,
Whilst your leaders run like cowards when the madness happens...

[Verse 2: Monk]
Live in a system of private prisons and politicians
With their wealthy living, our constant giving, they never listen
Pay attention and I'll spit you the facts straight,
The tax money paid is as useful as bad days
We're only paying half of the money that's ever needed,
Yet we moan about us paying too much, we've got kids to feed, and
Yet we'll sit back and moan about the government
With little to no chance of knowing who is governing
You really think that all the politicians have a say,
Or do you think the money is the only chance to lead the way?
Check the bank trail, you'll get your answer soon enough,
The Bilderberg are sitting with a perfect chance to fuck us up
We've got no clue what's happening, it's hazardous
We're sitting patient, constantly cheering on the massacres
While they sit back and watch us on their cameras,
Illegally invading other countries without asking us
But that's cool, we'll accept it without questioning,
And push the hate on others who refuse to worship veterans,
Cos they saw lies, refuse to bow to other claims
Unless they're backed by evidence in this case, they mostly ain't
They're only really backed by patriots, they're blind to facts
Of contradictions constantly and bold lies - amen to that
So who you trustin' - real people or the governments?
One of us are truthful, the other one's the government.
Track Name: Let Off Steam (Prod. M-Deuce)
I dno why am unhappy, I've no reason to
I've got a decent life and a hobby a keep speaking to
But I've still got a burning hate, building in ma chest
I've got people as friends, I feel like fuck the rest
And that's hate I really don't agree with
It nevers settles down, so I feel that I need to leave it
I could let it brew, and just see what happens
See if it can cool down, or if it causes damage
friction is a thing a can't let happen in a friendship
But friction is the one thing that'll fester if you let it
I need to make peace, with the demons deep inside me
so I can stop hating for that fact the demons let me
I know I shouldn't, but I feel the hate is justified
were's living in a system, where war crimes are nullified
And forgot about, skeptical at all times
George Bush & Tony Blair were found guilty of War Crimes
Did you know that? I doubt it, but I'll tell the truth
I don't think they're fighting for freedom, but I support the troops
That's why I hate the war, the innocent are dying daily
And there ain't a fucking age limit, we're really killing babies
But ofc ourse they're only Muslims so it disny matter
Fuck your ignorant mind, that's humans, ya heartless bastard
And I don't like when people laugh in the face of death
Just because beliefs are differed, you can't dismiss the rest
And I know, cos I'm against religion too
The deaths it's cause and the barbaric rules that's ensued
But I don't treat people different because the opinions held
I push disagreements aside, put out a hand to help
Perhaps I'm weird, But that's just how I think lately
Cause the planet to love like ecstasy in the late 80's
And you wonder why a country seems to hate you greatly
double check the "freedom" you give them and see the lack of safety
Track Name: Would I (Prod. KoreX)
[Verse 1]
A question ma sanity do I live in reality
Or is it just a part of me, I am questioning actively
It seems to be the start of something that's much more profound
I can feel it in ma heart, my brain could only tell me now
Is that a good sign or bad, all the good times I've had
Could all be fake and there's no way of even knowing that
That could be a common fact, no point in lookin back
a may as well just sit my self and slit my wrist with broken glass
Question... Would you even stop me if I tried to dae that
A hope not. I'd be beggin hard to bring the pain back
Cos pain is stress relief and stress, I can no longer handle
I'll break the chains of strife and fade away like worn out candles
I think I become different when I think a bit
And I'm sure I'm smarter when I question shit
A like to think if I was rich I'd still be fighting for
the people stuck in working class without a single pound at all
But people tend to change as soon as cash can reach their pockets
and if their charity ain't lucrative, they feel have to drop it
But I think I'm different, fuck that, I know I am
You can live your life, but av got morals of a broken man

[Hook x2]
What if a was born rich, would I think differently
What if a was born in Israel, would the same shit still get to me
What if a was born a different gender, would I think the same shit
There's too many what ifs,

[Verse 2]
Asking's easy - answering's the hardest part
I couldn't justify my life without the truth a life apart
Am I a happy guy or good at making fake grins
just to stop the company am with thinking am hate filled
Will I ever be successful or just stay skint?
I'm picking up the pieces of my life cos I can take hints
I don't hold a grudge, or do I, time can always tell
I'm clueless, time's the only thing that knows me well
Will I be forgotten or can I be a timeless legend
can I beat my tracks of past, with all of my tracks of present?
How can my life end, with violence or a peaceful sleep
I get stronger every day, so I can beat the weak
Do I question fairly, do I truly test myself
Or do I make my life as simple as I can to end my hell
And is that good enough, can I truly stand the test of time
Or will I faily like every other cunt that's lived a life like mine
Track Name: Mental Mentality Ft. Zee (Prod. ToZu)
[Verse 1: Zee]
I'm hackin' 'em up with hatchets and stuff, learned that off the cuff
Fragments of dust from the bones, spattered with blood
actual cunt, Dissapate a bitches face with sixty blades
and rip away, no fucking with the sickest mate
Forbidden hate and morbid torture methods, awkward presence
Fucker, you'll be waking where a horses head is, corpses breathless
Horror sentene, off with their heads is more relentless
than charlie bronson in deathwish, take out these frauds they synthetic
Pathetic bastards get their tongues removed, cutting through
your lung tissue, that's nothin' new, I'll feed your bitch my fucking spew
life or death it's no up to you, right or left ignite your flesh
with lighters then drug up your fucking wife with ket
Bitin breasts, cannibalistic animal, slashing right through your mandible
ravenous you can't handle us, smash your clique it's intangible
Slicin' your veins, enticin' the pain, knife in yet brain
then writin' your name in blood to show this shite ain't a game

[Hook x2]
I cany stand this, I'm sick eh seeing brutality
I don't even have a choice to be killing bitches in agony
Everyday I'm left battlin my insanity
I guess that's just a product of my mental mentality

[Verse 2: Monk]
My brain's a maze, no one understands the rage contained
They try their best to keep me bound up, but I can break away
Today's the day I figure out a method to release the pain
Stare up at the blue sky, patiently watch it fade to grey
I still have faded memories of all my passing victims
screaming in my mind like I'm a doctor, now am forced to listen
It wasn't my fault, demons are all the cause of murder
doctors are all scared to test ma mind, wary what they'll discover
I can tell you straight up, it's not a pretty sight
It's shocking what my soul can uncover under the guise of night
It's not a thing you'll like, often a cause of panic
the contents of my brains can all cause folk to be moving frantic
Never mind, it can't be helped, not even gonna try it
I'm the one that's dealing with the pressure of the social science
Tests this, tests that, I'm getting sick of it
They're pushing loads of buttons I don't like, silly, I'll kill them quick

[Hook x2]
I cany stand this, I'm sick eh seeing brutality
I don't even have a choice to be killing bitches in agony
Everyday I'm left battlin my insanity
I guess that's just a product of my mental mentality
Track Name: Civilised Eyes Ft. Soulstice & The Ightis (Prod. ToZu)
[Verse 1: The Ightis]

[Hook x2: Monk]
Where's the peace in this land, we need to get a long
We're the only victims at hand, oppressors use their brawn
Looking through my civilised eyes, I see the pain
And let me say, that violence never ever gony leads to gains

[Verse 2: Monk]
Am sick eh seeing all the death, destruction, better nothing
armies rushing to the warzone to create eruptions
And the masses all sit back and just let it happen
And even worse if we kill the target they all start the clapping
To me, celebrating death is despicable
No matter who the fuck it is, you never mock the miserable
But that's exactly what we do, at any chance we get
We killed the muslims, oh those dirty terrorist deserved their death
Come on, what happened to being civilised
you put on a blindfold so you can sip the fucking lies
and not know that it's a poison drink
So at the end, you're dumbed down without a chance to think
How is that a good thing for us to live in peace
when ignorance is more allowed than questioning the shit we see
It's not, so think rational and question shit
Or you'll be stuck believing lies with no chance to get out of it

[Hook x2: Monk]
Where's the peace in this land, we need to get a long
We're the only victims at hand, oppressors use their brawn
Looking through my civilised eyes, I see the pain
And let me say, that violence never ever gony leads to gains

[Verse 3: Soulstice]
This life is an acted play.
The hands that have mastered the backs that break.
We try to revive it with bad mistakes. I guess that's why I act like I am today
you see I was the one with a little bit of love
but now I can see the government controlling all of us.
It was never really us with elected votes,
more like a virus that had strep the throat you know.
That's why I say you should party everyday,
cause you never really know when you're gonna go away.
Sat among the pouring rain, I don't want no more debates,
cause the story that you're selling is a form of Norman Bates.
Yeah I've got a normal face, I've got a normal job,
but can never get ahead, I feel like I'm getting robbed.
Step up and light a fire with a match,
let it burn through the building leave the wiring detached in this bitch.
Track Name: Bars For Days(Prod. DJ Scuba Steve)
I hate your kind, you make the rest of us look bad
One day you're gonna leave and I hope you don't look back
Your main aim is to sell out and just take payments
making vague statements, so do's a favour and stay vacant
Spitting bars is for the lovers of art,
but you're only making music, just to reap in the cash
You can't be classed as the best if diny work hard
step against a lyricist I'll rip you apart
Lets me past, your crap's blocking my spot light
you're struggling to make moves like you were hog tied
i ain't jokking, mate, I take the music serious
you're only making music, just to brag to people hearing it
And that ain't cool to anybody who is relevant
They see you as a faker with a verse that's verbal excrements
you're quite shit, but we appreciate attempting it
but here's a big tip mate, you should quit for definite
Money changes folk, you disagree, you're in denial
Check the charts, there hasny been a decent track for quite a while
what's the reason? have lyrics became hard to write?
Or has it just now came to light, that they can be rich overnight?
If they dumb it down, sell the kids their gimmick life
they made theirsel a product, just to market what they thought was right
but the thought was flawed, and now it's come to life
that morals are an extra, just a perk if they get paid on time
But that ain't cool, if you influence a generation
You should be the ones that could be showing kids the path to take on
But you'd rather make the money and gain major sales
than be a role model to the kids relying on your brains
You should be rapping for the love, not the bank notes
you brag loads, with cash flows and bang hoes and bash foes
Well you claim to, but working takes up most your time
and anytime you have a problem, bodyguard protect your life
Some of you are just pretenders with a fanbase
that swallows any shit you say, leaving them in bad states
Saying stupid shit like sqag and quoting yolo bitch
society can make you sick cash or morals take your pick
You bad rappers just keep acting, we're going backwards
in the evolution of rap, we're getting weak bastards
And that ain't changing soon, but I can hope a bit
And maybe one day in my future hip hop won't be as shit
Cos right now, the state it's in is now annoying me
not a single good track in the tracks, crap globally
I rap openly, I'm honest like I'm in confession
but other rappers talk about guns, they need to stop pretending
Then I can listen, I may relate to a song or 2
Right now, that shit's so fake, there's no reason to
You brag hard, claim that you can beat me down
But never seem to follow up the act, when you see me round
You're not a hardman, you just need to stop the braggin
cos your death threats are like your sex life - nothing happens
Track Name: Victim of a War (Prod. ToZu)
[Verse 1]
A spit truth and very little match ma style
a compose a symphony to make your shitty life worthwhile
A know the masses don't ever like to be educated
give them any less than a dance track and they'll hesitate it
I don't ever like to be drawn to conspiraces,
But MK Ultra was, not a theory of conspiracy
The CIA planned to brainwash some civilians
but their theory was blotched, all the did was started killing them
LSD, hypnosis, countless torture methods
So if the experiments failed, victims couldn't send a message
If they attempted, they were branded insan
it took the rockerfellers to stop the sickening game, now
What the fuck does that say about morality
the rockerfellers think something is wrong, that's insanity
All we seem to get is lies and I'm sick of it
And you continue looking past this shit, fucking idiots

[Hook x2]
You're a victim of a war and it's a war of wits
Government has a lot to take, civilians have a lot to give
If we're planning on surviving the civilisation
us fighting back's required to save the generation

[Verse 2]
We live a life of fantasy, just seeing light and rainbow flag
A lack of peaceful is time is constant, now there's no more days to have
We seem to think days of torture, end in olden days
The facts remain, we use some torture methods in the current day
Water boards, the death of another
break apart the mind of those, so we can watch them scream and suffer
The past is in reach, enough that victims feel the pain
inflicted, they can scream in vein, but days of theirs'll feel the same
nothing changes in their life of destruction, their life'll keep functioning
the brain is fucked, we'll keep deconstructing it
And everybody else is gony thinkg that we're all moral and just
causing a fuss, when people start to fight against us
We're in power for a reason, you can't argue much
The past is in the past, you don't like it, then tuff
Am here to tell you that the power can be taken away
we're breaking the chains of oppression for the weak that they prey

[Hook x2]
You're a victim of a war and it's a war of wits
Government has a lot to take, civilians have a lot to give
If we're planning on surviving the civilisation
us fighting back's required to save the generation